Robi F&S Service Desk

F&S Service Desk refers to the varied computer machinery and software used to digitally create, collect, store, update, and relay office information needed for accomplishing Admin Related tasks. Raw data storage, electronic transfer, and the management of electronic business information comprise the basic activities of an AOMS. AOMS helps in optimizing or automating existing office procedures.AOMS is intended to provide elements which make it possible to simplify, improve, and automate the organization of the activities of a company or a group of people. The solution provides all the capabilities you need to succeed, including:

  • Easy-to-use, fully functional Admin Operation Management Suite.
  • Comprehensive Search Facilities.
  • Data management capabilities for access to all vital Document with maximum security.
  • An enterprise business intelligence platform for robust reporting.
  • Easy-to-use, fully functional Admin Operation Management Suite.

IR(International Roaming) Automation

The purpose of this software is to provide a user friendly system of IR automation by using that user can easily perform every action. The purpose of this system is to make the roaming system easy .That means every calculation of this system will be easy and this will help the system not to be time consuming.

Vehicle Management System

The purpose of this software is to provide the users full availability of vehicles and power users to manage the vehicles and drivers in an efficient way.

  • A web based system for vehicle management.
  • Easy-to-use, fully control over your fleet operation.
  • Better planning of routes and trips
  • Improved vehicle utilization.
  • Monitor trip progress and do accurate projections.

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